Last Week of Furry Book Month!

Furry Book MonthHeading into the final week of Furry Book Month, we have a special treat for you:  a Tri-Galactic Trek story.

“Danger in the Lumo-Bay” and, in fact, the entire Tri-Galactic Trek universe was inspired by a slush reader for an unnamed furry noir anthology commenting that he hoped someone would submit a Picard-in-the-Holodeck story.  Once the image of Captain Picard — re-imagined as a Sphyx cat — was in my head, there was no getting him out.  I had to write that story. Continue reading “Last Week of Furry Book Month!”

Furry Book Month — Week 2!

Furry Book MonthFor the second week of Furry Book Month, we bring you another story co-written by Daniel & Mary E. Lowd — The Canoe Race.  This charming little tale is a type of furry fiction know as Secret Life of Animals.  The world is basically our own, but a spotlight shines on the foibles and mischief that animals get up to when the humans aren’t looking. Continue reading “Furry Book Month — Week 2!”

Unicorn Stories

Unicorn StoriesI had a lovely conversation today about unicorns in literature, and it got me thinking about all the places that unicorns appear in my own stories.

I have a couple of stories about unicorns available on other webzines — you can read Feral Unicorn in Luna Station Quarterly and Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.  I have another unicorn story that will be coming out in Kaleidotrope near the end of this year.  And there’s even a unicorn briefly in Deep Sky Anchor’s own The Genetic Menagerie. Continue reading “Unicorn Stories”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day Dog
This mother dog is too busy to wish you a happy day, but her puppies want everyone to be happy! Except maybe her. They’re too busy bugging her to notice her.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we bring you two stories about mothers — one about a cat and one about a dog.  They both undergo journeys — losing control of their lives both to their human masters and to the love they feel for their new little ones. Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Original Story: “High School Dogs”

In a Dogs WorldThus far, Deep Sky Anchor has been a web-zine for reprints. We’ve taken you to the stars, the future, and to the world all around you — but seen through other eyes. Yet, all those paths had been tread before. Now we’re forging a brand new path, leaving fresh footprints.

Our first original story comes from the universe of Mary E. Lowd’s Otters In Space series. Join the young high school cat, Katasha, at a school dance. Imagine what it’s like to be a cat in a world of dogs, surrounded by “High School Dogs.” Continue reading “Original Story: “High School Dogs””

Spotlight on “All the Cats of the Rainbow”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallWhat can I say about “All the Cats of the Rainbow“?  It’s the last story I wrote for The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats.  I hadn’t planned to write another story, but “Cold Tail and the Eyes” turned out so much sadder than I expected…

I wrote “Cold Tail and the Eyes” at the Wordcrafters Ghost Story Weekend where everyone writes a ghost story between Friday and Saturday dinner — then Saturday evening, we all read our ghost stories aloud to each other.  Continue reading “Spotlight on “All the Cats of the Rainbow””

Spotlight on “Cold Tail and the Eyes”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallSometimes fiction is a way to process real life pain.  That’s the case with “Cold Tail and the Eyes.”  It was inspired by a cat named Ray.

My mother and I rescued a litter of kittens from under her house.  There were four of them, so we named them after the Ghostbusters — Ray, Peter, Winston, and Egon.  Three of them adjusted very well to their new lives.  Ray… did not.  Continue reading “Spotlight on “Cold Tail and the Eyes””

Spotlight on “Songs of Fish and Flowers”

Necromouser - FurPlanet - smallOccasionally, my writing group runs out of stories to critique, so we have a writing session instead.  One time, another writer brought cards from a fairy tale story-telling game for us to use as story prompts.  We all drew five cards, and my cards read:

  • Garden
  • Orphan
  • Storm
  • This Comes Alive
  • Husband or Wife
  • And when they died, they passed it on to their children.

Continue reading “Spotlight on “Songs of Fish and Flowers””