The Cargo Bay


Welcome to our cargo bay.  This is where we receive and store new shipments of stories until they can be sorted into themed collections.

  • Panda-MensionalIf your spaceship is powered by a panda, you’d better keep the panda happy.    [~1,400 words]
  • Marge the BargeA Newfoundland dog is not naturally graceful on the ice, but perhaps a tabby cat can teach her to be.      [~6,600 words]
  • Not All Dogs When Petra gets arrested, Lucky finds himself managing their three adopted kittens on his own.      [~4,200 words]
  • The Unification of WorldsThe final world in a generations-long journey.      [~3,500 words]
  • Ecto-CafeSunny, a hungry yellow lab, stops for a snack and finds herself battling a cafe full of haunted baked goods.      [~4,200 words]
  • Missing: Friendly SpookA friendly feline ghost goes missing.      [~1000 words]
  • Memory SpritesA camping trip full of memories.      [~700 words]
  • Moon DustRainal is almost out of moon dust.      [~1,400 words]
  • Tortoise WhoA mouse is taken on an adventure across time and space.      [~4,000 words]
  • The Moon Like an Unhatched EggFour uplifted birds compete for the right to represent Earth on a mission to Mars.      [~2,800 words]
  • Geese and GingerbreadWish carefully on magic rocks.      [~1,400 words]
  • Galactic GardenAriadella spins galaxies with her silk.      [~1,200 words]
  • Heart of an Orca, Grace of a CatThe first step to becoming a witch is to meet a familiar.      [~1,300 words]
  • Ecto-Busters OneSunny wants to stop for a snack, but the demons pouring out of a portal on the top of the Great Dane building will not wait.      [~1,400 words]
  • For the Sake of the MushroomsIrudy struggles with her inner demons as she flies her cargo ship past the red giant that swallowed her home world.      [~600 words]
  • SparkyA little girl and her robo-nanny must find her missing robo-dog during the chaos of battle between the president of Earth and the queen of the moon.      [~900 words]