The Cargo Bay


Welcome to our cargo bay.  This is where we receive and store new shipments of stories until they can be sorted into themed collections.

  • Panda-MensionalIf your spaceship is powered by a panda, you’d better keep the panda happy.    [~1,400 words]
  • Danger in the Lumo-BayCaptain Pierre Jacques and Doctor Waverly Keller, a Sphynx cat and an Irish Setter respectively, set out to spend a pleasant afternoon testing their ship’s new lumo-bay.  But are the safeties working???      [~7,400 words]
  • Questor’s GambitCommander Bill Wilker, a Collie dog on the Tri-Galactic Navy ship Initiative, must protect his crew from a mysteriously powerful lifeform, and following his captain’s orders may not be enough.      [~8,000 words]
  • Marge the BargeA Newfoundland dog is not naturally graceful on the ice, but perhaps a tabby cat can teach her to be.      [~6,600 words]