The Cargo Bay


Welcome to our cargo bay.  This is where we receive and store new shipments of stories until they can be sorted into themed collections.

(As you can see, we’re a bit over-run… but, hey, that means lots of stories for you to read!)

  • Panda-MensionalIf your spaceship is powered by a panda, you’d better keep the panda happy.    [~1,400 words]
  • Marge the BargeA Newfoundland dog is not naturally graceful on the ice, but perhaps a tabby cat can teach her to be.      [~6,600 words]
  • Not All Dogs When Petra gets arrested, Lucky finds himself managing their three adopted kittens on his own.      [~4,200 words]
  • The Unification of WorldsThe final world in a generations-long journey.      [~3,500 words]
  • Ecto-CafeSunny, a hungry yellow lab, stops for a snack and finds herself battling a cafe full of haunted baked goods.      [~4,200 words]
  • Missing: Friendly SpookA friendly feline ghost goes missing.      [~1000 words]
  • Memory SpritesA camping trip full of memories.      [~700 words]
  • Moon DustRainal is almost out of moon dust.      [~1,400 words]
  • Tortoise WhoA mouse is taken on an adventure across time and space.      [~4,000 words]
  • The Moon Like an Unhatched EggFour uplifted birds compete for the right to represent Earth on a mission to Mars.      [~2,800 words]
  • Geese and GingerbreadWish carefully on magic rocks.      [~1,400 words]
  • Galactic GardenAriadella spins galaxies with her silk.      [~1,200 words]
  • Heart of an Orca, Grace of a CatThe first step to becoming a witch is to meet a familiar.      [~1,300 words]
  • Ecto-Busters OneSunny wants to stop for a snack, but the demons pouring out of a portal on the top of the Great Dane building will not wait.      [~1,400 words]
  • For the Sake of the MushroomsIrudy struggles with her inner demons as she flies her cargo ship past the red giant that swallowed her home world.      [~600 words]
  • SparkyA little girl and her robo-nanny must find her missing robo-dog during the chaos of battle between the president of Earth and the queen of the moon.      [~900 words]
  • The Emperor’s New BirdA bio-engineer and a roboticist bring offerings to the Doraspian emperor.      [~500 words]
  • The Ugly SaplingNot all trees grow the same way.      [~600 words]
  • Of Cakes and RobotsChirri gets her biggest order for a cake yet, from a surprising customer.      [~900 words]
  • Sandbeard the Pirate OtterAn intrepid pirate must rescue an ocean world from boiling under blaring sunlight.      [~700 words]
  • Winged Folk OnlyA mouse-like alien wants to fly with the avians.      [~1,000 words]
  • Go HighA mouse-like alien gets lost in the clouds of New Jupiter.      [~800 words]
  • Heart of the Gas GiantArellnor dives into the heart of a gas giant, hoping the rumors are true.      [~800 words]
  • Hidden FeelingsA reptilian alien with a hot temper keeps her cool around annoying humans.      [~400 words]
  • Treasure MoonThe squirrel-like Rikkita chases down the clues to the final phase of her heist.      [~1,100 words]
  • Sky RiverToday, the ice rings melt.      [~550 words]
  • A Jetpack of a Different ColorWendy’s ready for a day of atmo-surfing with her friend Flooffle, but first, she’s in for a big surprise.      [~300 words]
  • Fetching AsteroidsJordan is a Labrador Retriever with a dream.    [~300 words]
  • Courtship FTLBuying a spaceship is harder when it has a mind of its own.      [~1,000 words]