The Shadow of Wespirtech

the shadow of wespirtech-smallerWhen the scientists at Wespirtech make mistakes, entire alien races suffer.  Not every scientist is cutout for that level of power and responsibility — some of them retire to Crossroads Station.  Read about the aliens, robots, refugees, and runaway scientists who call Crossroads Station home — even if they are still living in the shadow of Wespirtech.

  • Lunar CavityDruthel, a delegate from a race of bat-like aliens, seeks the assistance of Wespirtech scientists in averting a catastrophe that faces his world.    [~11,500 words]
  • Where the Heart IsFour aliens from Crossroads Station go on a camping trip.    [~4,700 words]
  • The Little Red Avian AlienPrilla decides to make grassberry crepelets, but none of her friends on Crossroads Station will help her.     [~2,500 words]

[This collection is still under construction — more stories on the way!]