The Shadow of Wespirtech

the shadow of wespirtech-smallerWhen the scientists at Wespirtech make mistakes, entire alien races suffer.  Not every scientist is cutout for that level of power and responsibility — some of them retire to Crossroads Station.

Read about the aliens, robots, refugees, and runaway scientists who call Crossroads Station home — even if they are still living in the shadow of Wespirtech.

  • Lunar CavityDruthel, a delegate from a race of bat-like aliens, seeks the assistance of Wespirtech scientists in averting a catastrophe that faces his world.    [~11,500 words]
  • Where the Heart IsFour aliens from Crossroads Station go on a camping trip.    [~4,700 words]
  • The Little Red Avian AlienPrilla decides to make grassberry crepelets, but none of her friends on Crossroads Station will help her.     [~2,500 words]
  • Welcome to the Arboretum, Little RobotChirri’s robot is malfunctioning.      [~500 words]
  • Wing Day — Lee-a-lei hosts an unusual party and rite of passage for her daughter.      [~1,500 words]
  • Elephantine Daydream — Jeko is the only elephantine sentient in a classroom full of canine and robotic students.      [~800 words]
  • Black Out In SpaceA buffalo-like alien babysitting a roomful of bunny-like aliens finds herself and little lapines in the middle of a black out.      [~2,000 words]
  • Hidden Intentions A reptilian alien with her cool temper is clearly an ideal choice for babysitting the human captain’s larval offspring.      [~600 words]
  • An Aldebaran Sugar Cookie for Star ShakerChirri attends a concert among the stars.      [~800 words]
  • Welcome to Ob’glaungFour aliens go on a trip together to a water-filled space station in the Lintar Oligarchy.      [~1,200 words]
  • Xeno-Nativity — Maradia considers branching out from robot-design to a new form of nurturing.    [~5,000 words]
  • The Promise of New Heffe — Jeaunia’s family falls apart as the Heffen society on Crossroads Station receives good news.      [~5,900 words]