I Need a Unicorn

by Mary E. Lowd

Begun on 7/11/2020; finished 8/18/2023

I need a unicorn
Whose silver fleece and shining horn
Lead the way
Down cobbled paths and sandy trails
Beside the shore

I need a unicorn
In a world so dark I can’t see the way
I need a unicorn
To comfort me and stand beside me
Day after day

I don’t know what to do
How I got myself so lost
There are so many ways to go wrong
I can’t be strong
Without her

I need to be with her
I need my unicorn
The dearest friend
With me in my mind
With me from the beginning
Together in the end

Because we’re all alone
Even in a room filled with others
A mind is trapped inside a body
Screaming in your heart, in your head
But trapped behind silent lips

Inside my mind
I need a unicorn
And I’ll get by
Touch her shoulder
Run your fingers through her mane
Cream, silk, snowfall, starshine

She glitters and glows
Fiercely wild yet soothingly calm
I can’t believe this asylum is mine
All mine
Hidden in the depths of my mind
With my unicorn

Her horn is the brightest beacon
In this night we live in

I need a unicorn
I am the unicorn

I need to
And I will
Light my own way

I am her
She is me
The part of my mind who knows
My place in the world
And the part of my mind, too deep inside
To know anything other
Than to be free

The cobbled paths
The sandy trails
The curving shore
I see them when I close my eyes

Come with me?
Perhaps our shining horn
Can light the way
For more

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