Welcome to Wespirtech


At the Western Spiral Arm Planetary Institute of Technology, the best scientists from around the galaxy push at the bleeding edge of technology. Sometimes their experiments get away from them… Sometimes they run into conflicts with each other… Sometimes they’re drawn out into the glittering galaxy around them.

  • Breathing the Air at Wespirtech — Two scientists navigate the complexity of friendship and the effect that their scientific discoveries have on others.    [~6,600 words]
  • Slug Time  — Deenah struggles against the clock and procrastination to translate thoughts through a direct brain interface with a slug.  [~2,900 words]
  • Einray and the Biologist  — A physicist and a biologist get competitive with world-threatening results.  [~4,600 words]
  • My Words Like Silent Raindrops  — Nicole gets in over her head when she introduces technological telepathy to her friends.  [~4,500 words]
  • The Nebula Was Empty  — Fear the love of a mega-dimensional nebula beast.  [~700 words]
  • Of Behemoths and Bureaucrats — Rhea brings her traveling carnival act to the Hegula Hephaesta mining colony to visit the new sun garden, but she and her Starwhals get caught in a battle for interstellar independence that threatens her three gentle giants.    [~4,000 words]
  • Daisy Chaining — A boastful young spaceman traps himself into racing a frezzipod through an asteroid field.    [~1,300 words]
  • The Faithless, the Tentacled, and the Light — Nicole is sent to investigate a mysterious outcropping of buildings in the Banti’phi asteroid belt.  [~5,800 words]
  • The Genetic Menagerie — Two cops chase down a rogue scientist, leading them to the fantastical world he’s built with genetic engineering.  [~6,600 words]
  • Lunar CavityDruthel, a delegate from a race of bat-like aliens, seeks the assistance of Wespirtech scientists in averting a catastrophe that faces his world.    [~11,500 words]

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