The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats

In this collection, follow the adventures of the beloved tabby cat Shreddy as he faces off with zombies, ghosts, gryphons, foolhardy dogs, and all sorts of household appliances.

Then meet a series of cats whose stories will take you from heartbreak to joy, showing the magic in our own world through the reflection of a cat’s eyes.

Part I

  • The NecromouserAn angry cat discovers the techno-mystical ability to raise mice from the dead.      [~2,500 words]
  • Shreddy and the Zomb-dogsShreddy and an empty-headed Labradoodle must protect their neighborhood from techno-mystically raised zomb-dogs.      [~4,200 words]
  • Shreddy and the Silver EggShreddy finds himself in charge of a strange, young ward.      [~6,300 words]
  • Shreddy and the Christmas GhostShreddy faces the true spirit of Christmas — a rodential poltergeist.      [~6,400 words]
  • Shreddy and the Dancing DragonShreddy must defend his household from a soul-sucking new game machine.      [~2,800 words]
  • Shreddy and the Carnivorous PlantShreddy faces his greatest challenge yet when his owner brings home a Venus fly trap.      [~5,200 words]

Part II

  • Songs of Fish and FlowersWhen her witch moves away, a calico cat discovers magic left over in the witch’s rose garden.      [~2,300 words]
  • Katelynn the Mythic MouserA little girl and her cat work magic together.      [~2,500 words]
  • The Wharf Cat’s MermaidA club-footed kitten living the hard life of a stray in the Fisherman’s Wharf discovers that one of the other cats is keeping a secret.      [~8,300 words]
  • Magtwilla and the MouseA pregnant cat makes a fateful choice to protect her kittens.    [~2,000 words]
  • Cold Tail and the EyesSome cats cannot be owned.      [~2,700 words]
  • All the Cats of the RainbowA kitten in a scientist’s lab — what could possibly go wrong?      [~2,200 words]
  • In a Cat’s EyesA Collie pup can never comprehend the depth and mystery behind a Siamese cat’s eyes.      [~1,000 words]

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