Otters In Space 4

When two relative giants – a cat and an otter – attend Yvette’s gymnastics competition, they’ve come to recruit the mouse for their new space program. Yvette can hardly refuse and joins an interspecies team (including cats, dogs, octopi, an otter, a raptor, and a squirrel) building an interstellar spaceship using ancient octopus technology.

The political tides turn, and the crew of The Lucky Boomerang must decide – will they sacrifice everything to become the first of their species to travel beyond the boundaries of their solar system? Or will the fanatically religious dogs of the Uplifted States take their spaceship away before it can get off the ground?

You can also get paperbacks and e-copies of the whole Otters In Space series… so far!  Otters In Space 5 is still in the planning phase.