Several Octopuses in a Trench Coat

by Mary E. Lowd

A Deep Sky Anchor Original

If you look under my skin
You’ll find a collection
Of several octopuses
Trying awkwardly to cooperate
To steer this human-skeleton-mecha-thingy

The octopuses don’t always get along
They can’t always agree
And a skeleton is a heavy thing
An awful heavy thing
So hard to lug around

But without it…

We’d just be sprawled on the floor
Pressed down by gravity
Squished to the ground

Being just one creature
A simple cat
Perhaps with a protective tortoise shell
A good hard exterior
Seems like it would be a lot easier

Than all these squishy octopuses
Forced to work together
On the group project
That is me
Operating my skeleton
Like some kind of marionette

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