I am a Zoo

by Mary E. Lowd

A Deep Sky Anchor Original

My stomach is a confused bunny
Poor rabbit, hopping in circles
Weak and afraid

My brain is an angry cat
Stalking, lurking, judging
Ready to hiss
Ready to slash

My skin and muscles twitch
Like a desperate octopus
Who doesn’t know what it’s doing here
On the land

My lungs…
Oh my lungs
They are an incompetent spider
Constantly spinning cobwebs
Cluttering up my breath

My bones are too long
Too many
They are a giraffe, drooping
Too tired
To stand

My teeth clatter and crunch
A nervous crab
Skittering, threatening
That its carapace
Will crack

A whole zoo
Is what I am
Seemingly, constantly, undergoing
An indescribable catastrophe
And all the animals run
Run run

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