Awards Eligibility Post for 2018 — a.k.a. Tons of Free Furry Fiction

This novel came out in 2018! And you can read the first chapter on Deep Sky Anchor!

Okay, so, realistically, I had way too many stories come out in 2018 for anyone to keep track of them all — 26 stories total, and almost all of them are furry.  So, I’m going to list them all here, but I’m also going to filter them out a bit — putting a few of my favorites at the top of the list, and then arranging them by how easy they are to read online.

First, my novel The Snake’s Song: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel came out in 2018 and is eligible for awards!  I’ve received permission from the publisher, ShadowSpinners Press, to reprint the first chapter here on Deep Sky Anchor!  So, here ya go, The Snake’s Song:  Chapter One.

And now… some of my favorites of my furry short stories from 2018:

Next up are all the rest of my furry stories from 2018 that can be read easily and freely online:

And now we get to the stories that are either hard to read online, not available online, or not really furry… but they exist!  And they came out in 2018!

Finally, I’m the editor of ROAR 9 and the new furry e-zine ZooscapeROAR 9 is eligible as an Other Literary Work, and Zooscape is eligible as a Magazine.  If you’d like to check out Zooscape, it also has free-to-read, awards-eligible furry stories in it.

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