Fiction by Mary E. Lowd Published in 2023

This has been a busy year, and I’ve had a lot of fiction published — 3 novels, 3 novellas, a short story collection,  23 short stories, and a poetry collection. Except where marked otherwise, pieces were originally published in Deep Sky Anchor or by Deep Sky Anchor Press.

Everything on this list can be read for free online at the links provided, except for You’re Cordially Invited to Crossroads Station and Hell Moon.

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New Editions of Otters In Space!

We have a big announcement — Deep Sky Anchor has just taken on the entire back catalog of Mary E. Lowd’s books with FurPlanet Productions and Argyll Books.  Including an upcoming book that they hadn’t gotten around to releasing yet, this means we’ll be adding 12 more books to our catalogue.

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Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy

In some ways, I think I Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward shaped my beliefs even more than Star Trek, which is impressive as Star Trek is basically my heart and soul.

But Looking Backward paints a picture of a similar utopia while actually making sense and being thought through. Continue reading “Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy”

Beyond Wespirtech: 2nd Edition

Last month, we released the 2nd edition of Mary E. Lowd’s iconic short story collection, Welcome to Wespirtech, and now, we’re proud to announce the release of its companion collection, Beyond Wespirtech!

Like the previous collection, Beyond Wespirtech’s 2nd edition includes a new introduction, new stories, and a shiny new cover.  In fact, two of the new stories — “Summers on Sylverra” and “The Girl Who Could Hear the Stars Sing” — are exclusive to Beyond Wespirtech and have never been published before! Continue reading “Beyond Wespirtech: 2nd Edition”

The Leaper and the Doctor

The two best long-running time travel shows are Doctor Who and Quantum Leap.

Quantum Leap is about a character who is profoundly empathetic; he cares truly and deeply about every person who crosses his path and devotes himself to helping their lives be better, helping them achieve their best. He has to. Or he doesn’t leap. Structurally, he must be endlessly empathetic, caring, and immediately, constantly available. He never gets to say when something happens or who he engages with. His situations are chosen for him by circumstance, and he must accept and deal with circumstance as it comes to him. Continue reading “The Leaper and the Doctor”