What is Deep Sky Anchor?

70s-space-station5Welcome aboard an e-zine about spaceships, aliens, science, memory, motherhood, magic, and cats.

Here you’ll find stories about scientists and their wacky inventions, aliens and the worlds they call home, society and human minds being affected by advances in technology.  Short punchy stories.  Long stories where you can settle down, make friends, and go off to explore.  Weird worlds.  And places eerily like home.

Our fiction is nominally organized into collections, though we’re always adding new stories and the organization doesn’t always keep up.  You can find all our stories listed alphabetically and chronologically.

If you’re interested in space opera, then we recommend the trilogy: Welcome to Wespirtech, Beyond Wespirtech, and The Shadow of Wespirtech.


welcome to wespirtech-cover   beyond wespirtech-cover   the shadow of wespirtech-smaller



For a voyage through an array of styles of science-fiction with a focus on the intersection of memory, technology, and identity, we recommend The Opposite of Memory.  For fantasy and animal stories, check out Animal Voices, Unicorn Whispers.  For cat stories, you’ll want The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats.  Finally, we’re always getting new stories in The Cargo Bay.

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Deep Sky Anchor celebrates and archives the words and worlds of Mary E. Lowd.