Animal Voices, Unicorn Whispers

animal-voicesIf you listen closely to the cat’s purr or the squeaking hidden in the bush, what story might you hear?  Animals in our own world have stories to tell, and there are stories to be told of the worlds those animals would make for themselves.

Be still and listen; maybe you’ll hear something magical.

Animal Voices

  • The Canoe RaceWhen Camp Riverwind closes at the end of the summer, the local animals hold their own summer camp.    [~3,500 words]
  • Fox in the Hen HouseCan a fox kit be raised by a mother hen?    [~2,200 words]
  • One Night in NocturniaA mad mouse scientist uncovers truths that he should never know.    [~3,900 words]
  • Weremoose — Darkfoot attacks a moose in the dead of winter, and his relationship with his pack will never be the same.     [~500 words]
  • Gerty and the Doesn’t-Smell-Like-a-MelonSnuffle-snorting around the melon patch, Gerty finds something that does not smell like a melon.    [~2,100 words]
  • Frankenstein’s GryphonIgor the arctic fox learns that his master isn’t what he seems.       [~8,400 words]
  • The Mouse Who Was Born a BearMaureen never felt right as a bear.      [~1,200 words]
  • A Real Stand-Up GuyA pug dog comedian wrestles with mixed feelings about his on-stage persona.    [~3,500 words]
  • High School DogsKatasha is the only cat at the high school dance.      [~1,000 words]

Unicorn Whispers

  • Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn — The Dragon and Unicorn come calling.    [~1,000 words]
  • Feral Unicorn — Janie’s in over her head when her pet unicorn’s horn comes in, and he starts working mischievious magic around the house.       [~4,800 words]
  • When the Ghost of the Future Catches Up — When a demon rides a unicorn, all hell breaks loose on an alien world.      [~1,300 words]
  • Cyclops on SafariA normal day on safari, in a different world.    [~800 words]
  • The Carousel of SpiritsWhen Artie finds a ghost haunting his carousel, it’s time for him to build a new horse.     [~3,700 words]
  • Sarah Flowermane and the UnicornA lion cub rebels against her father and seeks out fairy magic to help prove her importance.     [~5,000 words]