Conjoined Twins & Canine Companions

Happy New Year’s Eve from Deep Sky Anchor!

We end the year here at Deep Sky Anchor with the final two stories from Beyond Wespirtech.  Until now, these two stories have only been available in obscure small press magazines, but they deserve a wider audience.

The Ambi-Cognitive Man explores the meaning of individual identity and the clash between cultures who define it differently.  It’s the story of a pair of conjoined brothers who travel to an isolated space colony where everyone is conjoined twins, but it doesn’t work out the way they expect.

Little Sandy Starstrong and Her Faithful Robot Dogs is a story that explores how it feels to have no control over where life takes you — and how that unpredictable journey is so much better with a few dogs at your side.

Tomorrow we’ll begin a new journey, working our way through the stories in The Opposite of Memory.

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