Double Announcement: new fantasy novella & partnership with Zoocape!

Now that our first book as a publishing press has been released (You’re Cordially Invited to Crossroads Station) and is receiving good reviews, we have two very exciting announcements to make about future releases…

Queen Hazel and Beloved Beverly

First of all, we will be releasing a fantasy novella by Mary E. Lowd this December called Queen Hazel and Beloved Beverly.  This book features a gorgeous, wraparound dust jacket as well as several interior illustrations. It is also the first book of Lowd’s to appear in hard cover.  Read the blurb below:

What if your favorite childhood video transported you to a real magical kingdom — and an old friend who never forgot you?

Beverly is struggling to pack up her grandmother’s house after her death when she stumbles upon an old VHS tape labeled “The Princess and the Raccoon.” She remembers watching it as a child and pops the tape into the VCR, hoping to relive happy memories. But when Beverly touches the TV screen, she’s transported into the fantasy world on the tape. There she begins a dangerous journey to find her childhood friend, Princess Hazy, now the Queen of a strange kingdom.

Though Beverly longs to be reunited with Hazel, she must first brave a land filled with peril. Led by a talking raccoon and wolf, Beverly evades the queen’s sinister knights addicted to strange candies and visits with friendly animals along the way. She wonders whether Hazel has become as cruel as the knights in her service. Beverly’s only hope of returning home lies with the queen, but can their childhood friendship survive the passing of years and the responsibilities of the crown?

A story of grief and wonder, “Queen Hazel and Beloved Beverly” shows us that imagination and childhood friendships leave a lasting legacy. Beverly’s journey reminds us that we never completely lose our pasts, even when they exist in other worlds.

Queen Hazel and Beloved Beverly will be released on December 8th and is already available for pre-order.

Zooscape, Volume 1

Secondly, Deep Sky Anchor Press has forged a partnership with Zooscape, the online magazine of fantastic furry fiction!  We will be releasing Zooscape’s previous issues in anthology form, bundled into volumes.  The first volume will be released at Furvana 2023 in September, alongside our upcoming space opera horror novel, Hell Moon: Xeno-Spectre 1.

Zooscape, Volume 1 includes issues 0 – 4, and every story is accompanied by a beautiful, new illustration.  We will be releasing volumes two through five in the coming months, and plan to continue our partnership with Zooscape, releasing their issues in anthology form, for as long as they keep running.

Zooscape, Volume 1 will be released on September 8th, and you can pre-order it here.

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