Last Week of Furry Book Month!

Furry Book MonthHeading into the final week of Furry Book Month, we have a special treat for you:  a Tri-Galactic Trek story.

“Danger in the Lumo-Bay” and, in fact, the entire Tri-Galactic Trek universe was inspired by a slush reader for an unnamed furry noir anthology commenting that he hoped someone would submit a Picard-in-the-Holodeck story.  Once the image of Captain Picard — re-imagined as a Sphyx cat — was in my head, there was no getting him out.  I had to write that story.

Later that year, the unnamed noir anthology was published by FurPlanet as Inhuman Acts with “Danger in the Lumo-Bay” in it.  But the crew of the TGN Initiative, captained by Pierre Jacques, wasn’t done there.  This summer, FurPlanet published Gods with Fur, containing a second Tri-Galactic Trek tale:  “Questor’s Gambit.”  And a third story, “The Best and Worst of Worlds,” is slated to come out in Dogs of War, again from FurPlanet, early next year.  A fourth story has been accepted by Scratch Post Press.

So lean back, relax, and read about a cat, boldly going where no cat has gone before.  Also, a lot of dogs.  They like to boldly go places too.  Especially places in SPACE.

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