Award Eligible Work by Mary E. Lowd in 2021

Here’s a list of all the Award Eligible work Mary E. Lowd released in 2021, including approximate word counts and links to where the pieces can be found.

In addition to these works, Mary is also eligible for awards as the editor of Zooscape and for the Deep Sky Anchor podcast.

(Whether or not a work is furry can be a subjective question, but we’ve done our best to mark furry works with an asterisk next to the word count.) Continue reading “Award Eligible Work by Mary E. Lowd in 2021”

Falling Into Reading

I don’t think I’ve read any books during my adulthood that brought me back to how much I loved reading — how I lived to read — when I was a child as much as Seanan McGuire’s.

As a child, I saw a copy of Watership Down with a starburst on the cover emblazoned with the words, “More than One Million Books Sold.

My child’s brain for one glorious moment interpreted that as one million -different- books.

One million sequels to Watership Down. Continue reading “Falling Into Reading”

Video Games and Regret

Sometimes when I’m playing World of Warcraft, I stop and wonder: will I someday regret all the time I spend playing this game? Will I feel like I wasted it?

And, no, I don’t think I will.

I genuinely love playing Warcraft.

There was a time when I hated playing World of Warcraft. And I know, nobody was forcing me to play… but it was almost a game I could love? It was like I could see its future, in its bones. Continue reading “Video Games and Regret”