Silicon Valley

Well, I made it 6.5 episodes into Silicon Valley before breaking down and crying about how hostile and sexist that tech environment is, and how that’s pretty much why I ended up an isolated stay-at-home parent instead of able to have a paying job that would suit me.

I started writing a thread about my experience trying to break into the tech world as a ridiculously smart college student attending one of the top tech colleges in the country… Continue reading “Silicon Valley”

Not Spider-Man and the Seven Angel Donors

“The boy’s parents couldn’t take time off of work to grieve for their sleeping princess boy, because they worked at Mal-Wart, and without the protections of a union, they couldn’t afford any time off.”

by Mary E. Lowd

A Deep Sky Anchor Original, June 2022

This is not a story about Spider-Man, because Spider-Man is owned by a company.  This is a story about a young boy, on his first day of high school, who was bitten by a spider and fell asleep like a princess in a fairytale.  He fell asleep for the life of the author — which in this case would be his parents — plus seventy years. Continue reading “Not Spider-Man and the Seven Angel Donors”

Bird Box and A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is overall a good, valuable movie, and I actually quite liked its sequel…

But I’m never gonna forgive it for its first ten minutes.

If I’d known what to expect from the beginning of A Quiet Place, I’d have probably skipped the movie entirely. Or maybe I’d have been prepared and thus able to forgive it. Continue reading “Bird Box and A Quiet Place”