…a new anthology begins!

kepler-two-planetsFor the next three days, we’ll be releasing stories from the collection Beyond Wespirtech.  While the previous collection, Welcome to Wespirtech, centers on the scientists at that preeminent institute of research and innovation, the stories in Beyond Wespirtech explore various worlds in the universe around them.

To start, we follow Kerri as she moves from Wespirtech to a planet with a dying sun in Rekindle the Sun.  Kerri tries to make a new home on Heffe VIII, but she doesn’t speak Heffen and has trouble connecting with the native canine aliens who do.

If Kerri finds it hard to connect with canine aliens, imagine how much more foreign the tree-like aliens in Life with the Tumblers must be. And yet, Arlene may find the tumblers easier to interact with — bizarre and alien as they are — than her own human in-laws.

If that’s not enough aliens for you, be sure to check back tomorrow!

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