Announcing The Ancient Egg, Xeno-Spectre Book 2!

Now that the release of Hell Moon (Xeno-Spectre, Book 1) is imminent, we’d like to announce the release of its first sequel, The Ancient Egg (Xeno-Spectre, Book 2) by Mary E. Lowd.

Readers of this series won’t have long to wait between book 1 and 2, as The Ancient Egg will be released on January 1, 2024.  And it’s already available for pre-order on Kindle.

The conclusion of this trilogy — Their Painted Wings (Xeno-Spectre, Book 3) — is expected later in 2024.

Check out the blurb:

Still haunted by the horrors she faced on Hell Moon, Janice struggles to build a new life with her makeshift family aboard Fathomscape Space Station, raising the reptilian children they risked their lives to save. But when a moth-like alien queen foolishly unleashes age-old evils, Janice watches in horror as vicious metal beasts—the very monsters that still stalk her dreams—begin consuming their space station from the inside out.

With time running out and station-dwellers turning on each other, Janice must gather her courage to battle the stuff of her worst nightmares made real. Accompanied by a headstrong canine, a loyal feline, a sentient spaceship, and a new friend, Janice risks everything to fight the sinister scarabs infesting their home. To save the family she fought so hard to build, Janice must confront horrors old and new before the dark vacuum of space swallows them all.

Don’t miss this dark, action-packed sequel to Hell Moon. Perfect for fans of sci-fi thrillers and horror, from Alien to Jurassic Park.


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