Approaching 1000

Over the last more-than-a-decade, I’ve submitted nearly one hundred stories to more than 150 different markets.  A bunch of my stories have been published.  Some of them haven’t been (yet).  And, of course, I’ve received a lot of rejections.  969 so far.

As I approach 1000 rejections, I’ve been thinking about the publishing process — what it costs and the benefits it provides.  I don’t intend to stop submitting my stories to markets that seem well-suited to them.  However, I also don’t see a reason to stay dependent on other people’s e-zines to make my work readable online.

My stories are written to be read.  I see no reason for them to disappear because an obscure magazine goes out of print or to languish on my hard drive because there’s no editor out there whose vision happens to match them.

I will start here by reprinting my stories that have already been published, but eventually I may take the leap to publishing original stories that simply haven’t found a home somewhere other than Deep Sky Anchor.

This will be a world of science-fiction, space opera, and fantasy.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

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