Max’s Future

So, continuing on with [SPOILERS – Stranger Things S4E9]…

I am not really here for leaving the girl I find most relatable in a coma at the end of a season.

I still feel pain over VR5 leaving Sydney Bloom in a similar state FOREVER.

Don’t wanna go near that again.

Maybe I’ve just seen enough of the characters I find relatable being killed or sidelined or tortured or forgotten or subsumed by some other character’s need to own them.

I want the tomboy girl to be centered and have her needs met, even if it means killing someone else instead.

What I like about Stranger Things is entirely dependent on it treating its girl characters at least as well as boys have been treated in similar types of media all along.

If the creators wouldn’t kill Dustin, they better the hell not kill Max. She’s just as indispensable.

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