An open letter to Gene Armstrong, Furlandia 2024 Chairman

An open letter to Gene Armstrong, Furlandia 2024 Chairman:

I have all the same knowledge and accomplishments that I had when you asked me to be guest of honor:

– Ursa Major Award Winner x 3
– Cóyotl Award Winner x 4
– Leo Literary Award Winner x 11
– Cóyotl Award Chair for 8 years
– Editor of ROAR volumes 6-10
– Founder and editor of Zooscape
– Author of 28 books and 239 short stories, including 44 in Daily Science Fiction and 6 in Analog Science Fiction & Fact

Arguably, now I am even more qualified with my added experience in self-publishing, horror, and poetry in addition to having even more books out. My publicly held convictions have stayed completely consistent since you asked me to be guest of honor.

So, I’m to understand that you’ve canceled my position because you received complaints about my behavior, not because my behavior is wrong but because you’re responding to public opinion despite having already concluded that my accomplishments are worthy of the position.

You asked me to be your guest of honor, and I would have done a very good job for you. I would have done and been exactly what I promised to be when you asked me. You, however, have flipped entirely from supporting me as a writer to blaming me for other people engaging in a hate campaign against me. I’m extremely disappointed in you, Gene. This behavior is beneath you.

I hope you have a good con. I’ve always enjoyed Furlandia because of the kindness of the actual attendees. However, in my experience, it is always so badly run that I have to wonder if it’s worth the trouble of attending. I was only willing to attend this year because you were running it. I guess that hasn’t counted for as much as I thought it would.

Mary E. Lowd