Submission Mistakes

That feeling when you notice that the story you just submitted through Moksha had the wrong title (like for a TOTALLY different story) in the subject line, because you changed your mind halfway through about which story to send & apparently didn’t get all the fields fixed…

If I’d noticed -immediately- I probably would have withdrawn and resubmitted with an apology for the confusion… but it’s been about half an hour, and that probably doesn’t make a difference… but it feels different.

Hopefully they’ll just be understanding?

Seriously, I’m an editor myself, and I see authors send me stories with mistakes likes this — listing the wrong title in the subject line or the text of the email. And I shrug and don’t care, ’cause people make mistakes, and I can figure out what they meant.

But as a writer? It still just feels awful to realize that I’ve made a mistake in a story submission, and even though I know I’d be understanding as an editor (and so, rationally, it makes sense to believe other editors will be understanding too), I always fear the worst anyway.

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