Three Deer

by Mary E. Lowd

March 14, 2021


Three deer
Reflected in a pool
The sky behind them
As colorful as a jewel
The day is theirs
Nighttime too
Three friends
With time to share
And time to spend


A red deer stands
Silhouetted and still
The blue sky frames its pose
Like a picture on a windowsill

The sounds of evening
Fill the deer’s ready ears
Perhaps birds singing
Perhaps something the deer fears

Will it run?
Or stay and graze?
All we can do is watch
with a steady gaze


They have to be cautious
In case someone is watching
But three roe deer
Dancing & prancing
Right after sunset
Playing & jumping…
Until they’re unsettled
Sniffing on the wind
Just a whiff in the wind
Yes, someone is watching
And they must attend
To their fears
These three deer

* * *

From the book:  Some Words Burn Brightly: An Illuminated Collection of Poetry

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