Tricks and Gimmicks

I’m trying to work out a schedule for the book I’m writing, and my desire to finish the book soon is very much in conflict with my desire to not require myself to write very many words per day.

I’ve been kind of floundering with writing this book, and I think it’s partly because I thought I could rely on the same strategies as I used for the previous book in the trilogy, which I wrote last fall.

Except… I didn’t use most of my usual gimmicks or tricks for that book.

My dog died basically the day before I started writing “The Bee’s Waltz,” and I worked on that book faithfully every day, because it was about a squirrel rescuing her best friend from a sort of afterlife… and if I didn’t work on it, I thought about how much I missed my dog.

Now I have two very much alive Shelties to bark at me and distract me from writing, which is much, much better. But it means I’m not as motivated to work on the book that I do actually want to be making progress on.

So…. tricks and gimmicks are called for.

I’ve figured out the daily word count I need to reach to finish this book on time, and written all those little numbers on my calendar, where I can put stars by them.

Also, I’ve assembled a playlist that captures the spirit of the outline.

Hopefully this will help me focus.

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