Two Takes on the Near Future

zoomy-tech-pattern-vertWe’re down to the last three days of our twelve-day launch.  We’ll be ending on a note of space opera, but before we depart back to the stars, here are two more stories grounded down here on Earth.

“Viewers Like You” is a light-hearted satirical look at television viewership, reality TV, and our future.  Also androids.  It’s not a story that’s meant to be taken seriously.  Simply enjoyed.

We Can Remember It For You Retail shares a lot of themes with “‘Viewers Like You.'”  They’re both a satirical look at how modern culture could spin out of control in the near future, but “We Can Remember It For You Retail” takes a much more realistic, hard sci-fi angle on the subject.  Let’s hope it’s not the future we end up with.

Get ready to launch back into the stratosphere, because our final two days of stories return us to the Wespirtech universe.  So, be sure to come back tomorrow!

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