Unicorn Stories

Unicorn StoriesI had a lovely conversation today about unicorns in literature, and it got me thinking about all the places that unicorns appear in my own stories.

I have a couple of stories about unicorns available on other webzines — you can read Feral Unicorn in Luna Station Quarterly and Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.  I have another unicorn story that will be coming out in Kaleidotrope near the end of this year.  And there’s even a unicorn briefly in Deep Sky Anchor’s own The Genetic Menagerie.

(For the sake of absolute completeness, there’s also a unicorn that figures into “Katelynn the Mythic Mouser” which can be found in my collection The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats, but it’s not available online.)

However, I have two stories involving unicorns that have gone out of print, and stories should never go out of print.  So, it is my honor to present to you — freshly returned to the internet — The Carousel of Spirits and Cyclops on Safari.

Now, since that’s clearly not enough unicorns, I need to get to work thinking of some more stories I can tell about unicorns.

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