I Wrote a Poem While Walking on the Beach

by Mary E. Lowd

A Deep Sky Anchor Original

I write down my words
And save them carefully
This is me
And I value me

These words are a snapshot
Of myself in this moment

Why these words?
Why this snapshot?

Maybe I won’t write them down.

But maybe I will
As I stand on this beach
With my dogs and my children
Words running through my mind

Like my children and my dogs
Run through the waves

I had this thought
And now you
Can have it too

Stand on the beach beside me
Watch the dogs
Watch the children
Splashing in the waves
Leaving footprints in the sand

Is it cliche?
Is it art?
Maybe so
Maybe not
But it’s here
And it’s nice
And maybe
That’s enough

Do you need details?
To make it special?
Make it real?
Unique enough to save?

Well those are mine
But this is what I’ll share:

Watch the dogs
Watch the children

They’re splashing in the waves

I can imagine another life for myself
Where I live beside the beach
Walk along the sand every day
Collecting rocks
Take them home
And polish them

I can imagine different ways
To write this poem

But I wrote this one
And I think I’ll leave it
As it is

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