With a Battle Axe!

by Mary E. Lowd

December, 2000

Steve does not believe I could kill him unarmed!
Velociraptors can kill any human unarmed!
With a battle axe!

He thinks he could outrun a velociraptor.
You can’t outrun a velociraptor.
Not even with a car.

Now they want to make a moat out of magma.
Velociraptors do not swim through magma.
It would not be smart.
Velociraptors are smart.
They do not swim in magma.

I can jump arbitrarily large distances with a battle axe!
They do not believe me!
They are fools!
I will eat them!
With a battle axe.

go to bed mary

Nick is not allowed to write in the velociraptor’s email!
He will be eaten! With a battle axe!
With a battle axe, I say!

I say with a battle axe!

Velociraptors do not need kingdoms!
Velociraptors need battle axes!
With a battle axe!

Velociraptors are not llamas!
Velociraptors will eat llamas!
With a battle axe!

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