Beyond Wespirtech

beyond wespirtech-cover

The glittering galaxy around Wespirtech is filled with exciting aliens and foreign colonies, long forgotten by the Human Expansion. Read about canine aliens and their dying sun, sentient trees, and a planet where all the colonists are conjoined twins…  Beyond Wespirtech!

  • Rekindle the Sun — A dying world may not be the best place to start your life anew.    [~9,300 words]
  • Life with the Tumblers — Arlene takes her young son Kyan on a research expedition into an alien culture of sentient trees.    [~5,500 words]
  • The Parable of Two Queens — Can Commander Dyall and his team of translators — a pair of gengineered parrots — fathom the minds of myrmecoid warriors from another galaxy well enough to broker peace?   [~3,400 words]
  • Apples in Aruba — Order carefully at the All Alien Cafe.    [~100 words]
  • Emmanuel and the Cannibals — A colony stranded on an under-evolved world has an unusual response to the introduction of terran bovines.    [~4,500 words]
  • The Ambi-Cognitive Man  — Conjoined brothers travel to a tiny colony in the far reaches of space where everyone is conjoined twins. They expect to find a place where they belong; instead, they’re forced to question the very meaning of individuality.    [~8,700 words]
  • Little Sandy Starstrong and Her Faithful Robot Dogs — Growing up among the asteroids with her two robotic dogs, Sandy feels like something is missing.  [~2,200 words]

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