The Otter in the Lilac Bush

by Mary E. Lowd


As I wandered on a sunny day,
I came upon an otter along my way,
Living in a lilac bush.

“What news?” asked I,
And he did say,
“I am an otter in a lilac bush.

“For news ask badgers,
“For songs ask birds.

“I am an otter,
“And all I offer to travelers along the way is a single word.”


“Hide!” he said and ran away,

I chased that otter on a sunny day,
And found him hidden behind a rose so orange.

“Why?” asked I, but away he ran,
Leaving nothing but the rose and me.

A rose is good company,
But the otter’s behavior did intrigue,
And I gave chase as best I can.


Next I found the otter,
Looking for all the world,
Like a fairy with her wings unfurled.

Purple wings,
An iris sings with color not with words.

“You see me?” the otter asked,
And I answered plain and true.

Away he scurried;
It seemed our chase was not yet through.


The otter scurried,
I followed faithful,
From purple iris to yellow rose.

He stuck his nose amid the petals,
I followed suit & followed him.
From rose to rose we ran.

Each rose smelled sweet,
With each sniff he smiled,
‘Twas a better way to pass a while,
Than any other I can ken.

I met an otter in a lilac bush,
& spent the day chasing him,

From flower to flower,
We toured the grounds,

Running & stopping,
Chasing & hiding,
Under the summer sun.

Flowers speak in color,
Birds speak in song,

My otter spoke few words,
But made the world turn round with fun.

* * *

From the book:  Some Words Burn Brightly: An Illuminated Collection of Poetry

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