Clarity & Cassie: the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

A reader pointed out the way I’ve been posting about my new puppy (24 hrs!) sounds a lot like the voice of Cassie, the living spaceship in my Entangled Universe trilogy who loves bunnies.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot…

I usually see myself more as Clarity, the human protagonist in Entanglement Bound, and Cassie is an idealized, anthropomorphized version of my house.

But… Clarity & Cassie may also accurately depict the relationship between the conscious & subconscious parts of my own mind.

Often I feel like there’s a half of my brain, submerged and hard to connect with, that has the strong feelings and impulses — it tells the stories and can summon pictures and music. When I get really tired or take a little THC, that half of my brain becomes much easier to access.

Most of the time, my words are in charge, but the chaos of pictures, sounds, & shapes lurks right underneath ready to scream or stubbornly freeze if it feels like the words aren’t treating it right.

This is a lot like Clarity trying to manage Cassie.

My subconscious brain is a powerful but juvenile spaceship who mostly uses word clouds and pictures to communicate instead of full sentences. And all it really wants to do is spend time with bunnies… puppies… kittens. Anything cute, fuzzy, and little.

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