Evoking Appropriate Emotion with AI Art

Back during the summer when I first got access to some of the AI art programs, I spent hours and hours putting together illustrations for as many of the upcoming Zooscape stories as I could manage.

Now that I’m approaching the April issue, and the programs have improved…

I thought I might revisit some of the illustrations that had weird artifacts and see if I could just go ahead and generate something better with the improved algorithms.

Ha. It’s not that easy. I know most of my communities hate this stuff and want to pretend it’s not art…

But it took hours to generate pieces that evoked an appropriate emotion for the stories I was trying to illustrate, and just having a better algorithm doesn’t take away that work.

There really is art involved in using AI programs to generate visual pieces with meaning.

You can hate on AI art all you want, and yeah, you can feel all superior about the fact that you can draw things purposefully with your own hands.

But AI art lets me communicate ideas that I couldn’t communicate -visually- otherwise. And that is still super cool and empowering.

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