Happy Unicorn Day!

Apparently, today is Unicorn Day.  So here’s a fresh hot cup of unicorn stories, newly available here at Deep Sky Anchor:

  • Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn — The Dragon and Unicorn come calling.    [~1,000 words]
  • Feral Unicorn — Janie’s in over her head when her pet unicorn’s horn comes in, and he starts working mischievous magic around the house.       [~4,800 words]

And if you need some more, we do have a few stories that have been rattling around the site a bit longer:

  • Cyclops on Safari A normal day on safari, in a different world.    [~800 words]
  • The Carousel of SpiritsWhen Artie finds a ghost haunting his carousel, it’s time for him to build a new horse.     [~3,700 words]


And Happy Unicorn Day!

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