Howard the Duck

Here’s the thing about Howard the Duck—as far as I can tell, people must mostly hate it because they’re squicked by the very tame human/duck romance, because it’s otherwise a pretty standard 80s movie.

BUT that duck is WAY nicer to the human lead than any of the human men are.

Straight human women are already faced with an array of potential romantic partners who subjugate them, strip them of bodily autonomy, belittle them OR put up with other guys doing all that and then whine “Nooot aaaaall meeeeen!!!!”

So… pretty much monsters.

In comparison, a three foot tall duck man who treats Lea Thompson with respect looks like a pretty decent and less-monstrous option. The movie makes that clear by contrasting Howard the Duck with men assaulting her on the street and a manager stealing her money to manipulate her.

In other words… yes, I’m a furry. We already knew that.  Join me. It’s better over here.

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