Leap Day Chickens

Ominous Chicken
It is not clear that this chicken wishes you a happy Leap Day.

We asked our readers what kind of story they’d like to celebrate Leap Day with —

  • space chicken
  • fox chicken
  • chicken of the night

— and the answer was a resounding, “Bring it home to Earth!  No more SPACE.”

Actually, it was just a tie between “fox chicken” and “chicken of the night.”  So, today we have two new stories for you.  Both of them play with the dangerous relationship between predator and prey.  Fox in the Hen House is a story about a fox raised as a chicken; One Night in Nocturnia is about a mad mouse scientist who journeys to an owl city.  (What?  Owls are chickens of the night.  That should be clear.)

Happy Leap Day!  When you count your chickens, may there be many of them!

P.S. Today is your last chance to nominate any of our eligible stories for the Ursa Major Awards.  If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, we have six eligible stories — Lunar Cavity and five cat stories.

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