Learning to Like New Music

My greatest comfort when life is hard has been — since I first heard it — the music of Brian Wilson.

But the more I understand and see the misogyny in the world, the less I’m able to take comfort in a man’s voice objectifying women.

At first, when I discovered I could hear the omnipresent misogyny of society in Brian Wilson’s voice… I was bereft. Totally lost. My greatest comfort had knives in it, and they cut me.

So I started actively learning how to find comfort in music by women instead.

We have to learn how to like women in this society, because we’re taught when we’re very young that women are not likable.

I don’t care if you think you’re immune — you live in a society that teaches this, and it will have effected you in some way.

Today, I found myself needing musical comfort, and my mind immediately turned to Sara Bareilles, Reina del Cid, and Breanne Duren.

I had choices. Awesome choices.

Seriously, check out their music.

You can unlearn what society teaches. But it takes work. Active, ongoing work.

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