My Fursona

My fursona is usually a cat with a tortoise’s shell. So, like, a turtle-cat.

But I’ve thought of a new fursona that speaks to me: an octopus who got ahold of an abandoned human skeleton, wrapped its tentacles around it, and wobbles about that way.

I feel like I’d rather be the turtle-cat… but the awkward skeleton-clinging-octopus more accurately captures my true nature.

Perhaps the best description of me is that I’m a confused octopus, awkwardly wrapped around a human skeleton who wishes she were instead a cat with a nice protective turtle shell.

Yes, that seems right.

Well, if you really dig into it, I’m probably a collection of several octopuses trying to awkwardly cooperate with each other to steer around this human-skeleton-mecha-thingy.

You know, like three octopuses stacked up in a trench coat.

The octopuses don’t alway get along, and the skeleton is an awful lot of work to lug around. But without it, we’d just be sprawled on the floor.

Being just one nice simple cat with a good hard exterior tortoise shell seems like it would be a lot easier than all of these squishy octopuses arguing with each other and working really hard to operate a human skeleton like some kind of marionette.

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