Otters In Space 2 – Chapter 21: Earth

by Mary E. Lowd

An excerpt from Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly.  If you’d prefer, you can start with Chapter 1, return to the previous chapter, or skip ahead.

“Trudith took her new mental workouts seriously…”

Many light minutes away, deep in the middle of night on her side of the planet, Trudith slaved away, scribbling mathematical figures and variables in a notebook.  She was working on solving physics equations that — by a bizarre coincidence — described the way light bent through transparent surfaces and bounced off of reflective ones, much like the surface Kipper had collapsed on, exhausted.  Like a one-way mirror it was transparent on one side and reflective on the other.  The equations defining it’s properties were fascinating.

Trudith took her new mental workouts seriously, and she had been learning a great deal of math, physics, chemistry, and anything else that she could get workbooks for in the popular “Puppy Guide!” brand.

Unfortunately, even if Trudith had been able to share her remarkable progress at understanding optical physics with her tabby cat friend, flying rapidly through the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, it wouldn’t have helped Kipper find a place to hide on the top of the raptor’s sail ship.

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