Universe, Schmooniverse

by Mary E. Lowd

Some universes
Have too many rules
And too few
Inherent contradictions

So I bid farewell
To that orderly prison
And step through the veil
To a realm of surrealist visions

Where under puffball skies
The land melts and merges
Where butterflies fly
On wings of lashes

Where flowers have eyeballs
That wink as you pass
And rivers meander
Slow and sweet as flavored molasses

This topsy-turvy homeland
Has no definite shape
It welcomes dreamers
Seeking landscapes upon which to drape:

Their unique perspectives
Their imaginings deep
The wild contradictions
That let your heart leap
And eyes see through to what’s true

We leave behind
All the rules

So farewell to the universe
With its graspings for reason
Come twirl with abandon
Under other skies
Making up our own seasons!

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