One anthology ends…

end-of-wespir-galaxyFor our last two stories from Welcome to Wespirtech, we revisit two scientists we met earlier — scientists who have fled from the labyrinthine halls of scientific academia to find their way in the universe around them.  But can either of them truly escape their origins?

Nicole Merison returns as a bounty hunter in The Faithless, the Tentacled, and the Light, a story that has never before graced the internet, and then our journey ends with Brent Schweitzer — he hasn’t given up science; he’s used it to create a whole new fantastical world for himself in The Genetic Menagerie.

This may be the end of Welcome to Wespirtech, but come back tomorrow to delve deeper into the surrounding universe with the first two stories from Beyond Wespirtech.  (There will be aliens!)

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