Otter Claus and Santa Claustopus

Otter Claus knows what you want for Christmas.


Of course you want fish.

Everyone wants fish.

Who wouldn’t want fish?

Fish for everyone!

Also, instead of coming down a chimney, he only goes down water slides. But that’s okay. Every reasonable person has a water slide.

A fish is the best present one can either give or get. Truly. Just ask Otter Claus, and he’ll tell you so.

Meet Otter Claus’s friend — Santa Claustopus!

Santa Claustopus and Otter Claus have a lot to talk about. Mostly, they agree that the most ideal present for anyone is a fish. Or maybe, if you want to get fancy, a nice juicy crab.

Santa Claustopus and Otter Claus agree that not only do fish make the best presents, they also make the best decorations.

And snacks… and what’s better than a tree covered in snacks?

Otter Claus in his workshop full of fish-themed toys.

Otter Claus making gingerbread fish.

Otter Claus is especially proud of this gingerbread fish. He thinks it’s his best one!

Otter Claus may have gotten a little carried away with their gingerbread aquarium…

Otter Claus has a present for you!

What do you want to be in it? He recommends FISH, but if you request something else, he’ll do his best to get it for you.

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