Pony Rewards

When the 15-year-old was little, we entertained them sometimes by giving them imaginary ponies. We’d describe a pony, and their imagination is so strong, it was like a real gift.

Lately, I’ve been rewarding them for doing difficult schoolwork with ponies drawn by Midjourney…

Pony Rewards 1

The 15-year-old loves aquariums and sea creatures, so I made these two underwater ponies for them:

Pony Reward 2

One of the 15-year-old’s favorite things is bees, and thus exists this bumblebee pony…

The book that the 15-year-old is working through for their Gothic Literature class right now is Dracula, so I made them a vampire pony.

And I think this is the best one so far…

The 15-year-old finished their biology class today, and they’d been studying DNA, so I asked Midjourney for a “double helix DNA pony,” and this creepy beauty showed up.


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