Reaching the Bridge Between Universes


After many, many years of working toward this, I’m finally writing the scenes that tie my two universes together, and it’s really exciting, getting to see Kipper and her crew standing onboard Crossroads Station, describing how it looks to them.

Getting to this point has been such an incredibly long game. Working through the middle of this book, trying to carefully set it up so that Crossroads Station would actually look believable and real through Kipper’s eyes has been incredibly hard and also dispiriting at times…

Sometimes you can do something absolutely brilliant with a one-off flash fiction. But sometimes, there’s just no substitute for a long, careful setup, & if you want that final payoff, you need to earn it by walking the long way around.

Otters In Space 4 is definitely the latter.

Anyway, the long, slow weeks of struggling with the previous chapters is definitely paying off now that I get to describe the excitement of a crew of uplifted cats, dogs, otters, and mice from Earth finally stepping paw onto the intergalactic hub that is Crossroads Station.

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