So Much Flash…

Reading these flash fiction stories will be more fun than falling into a supernova! Really! It’s not a high bar!

At the end of 2016, we had big plans for publishing a lot of flash fiction this year.  Well, we have good news and bad news…  Obviously, it’s September, and we haven’t published a lot this year.  However, that’s because the stories we were going to publish have instead been picked up by other markets — many of them by Daily Science Fiction!

So, instead of offering all of these stories directly, we’ve decided to post a round-up of links to where you can read them elsewhere online.  These are all tasty little bites of sf/f, so when you need a snack of a few moments spent in another universe, here you go…

In Daily Science Fiction:

  • One Alien’s WreckageA salvage team comes across something surprising in a wrecked ship’s cargo hold.      [~800 words]
  • The Crowds on Crossroads StationAn uplifted lapine discovers he has a new option available when his slaver brings him to an alien space station.      [~700 words]
  • Principles Over ProfitAn avian salvage worker enlists an uplifted lapine to help her find a wrecked ship with especially valuable cargo.      [~1,100 words]
  • Inalienable RightsAn uplifted lapine faces his former slaver.      [~900 words]
  • Crescent Horns and Tall EarsAn unguloid at the All Alien Cafe introduces herself to a group of uplifted lapines.      [~1000 words]

In Theme of Absence:

In Every Day Fiction:

In Typewriter Emergencies:

  • True FeastArgelnox has fallen behind the star migration, but perhaps she’ll stop for a respite.       [~400 words]

In Fantasia Divinity Magazine:

If you’ve worked your way all the way through those and still want more, we do have something special to present here — a reprint from Analog Science Fiction and Fact:

  • Hidden IntentionsA reptilian alien with her cool temper is clearly an ideal choice for babysitting the human captain’s larval offspring.      [~600 words]

And if that’s not enough, don’t worry!  There are related stories lined up to come out at Empyreome, New Myths, Kaleidotrope, Fantasia Divinity Magazine, The Lorelei Signal, and six more from Daily Science Fiction!


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