Starlings Like Stars

by Mary E. Lowd

March 22, 2021


One bird
Swooping over the ocean

One bird
Only one
But each feather
Each single feather
Is another
And another
More birds than can be counted
When all is accounted for
When all is done

The starlings fly together
Each bird
A tiny part
Of the bigger one


Starlings like stars
Flitting and flying
Filling the powder blue
With their plentitude

As thick as galaxies
Dense as nebulae
But not so far away
They fill our sky
On this side
Of the horizon
Inside the sphere
Where we all live

Stars within reach
Like stars


Red giants and white dwarfs,
Scattered through the sky,
Deep black fields of velvet,
Purple dusty swirls,
The entire cosmos,
In the feathers,
Of one,

* * *

From the book:  Some Words Burn Brightly: An Illuminated Collection of Poetry

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