The Dog and the Muddy Lake

by Mary E. Lowd

March 11, 2021


Great and grand
This dog would stand
But stretched beside a lake
It did repose
A playful roll
And plop!

The dog did fall
Right into the drink
Not deep enough to sink
Just a blow
To dignity
Is all
But what is dignity?
When a dog can play?

So up it gets!
And off it goes


One big mud puddle
Where one big pup muddles
Sloshing in the dirty water
With a big grin on their face
Not trying to win any race

It gives the mind fodder
How one might get farther
Choosing to emulate
A happy, soggy dog
Than chasing after fate

* * *

From the book:  Some Words Burn Brightly: An Illuminated Collection of Poetry

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