The Paladin Who Wanted Loot

Back when I did regular World of Warcraft raids, there was this one guy in the guild who said after beating the big boss, “I hope he drops paladin gear!” He was a paladin.  I think about this a lot. See, everyone got mad at him. But… I mean… it’s what we were all thinking?

If you weren’t hoping the boss would drop gear you wanted… what were you doing? This was back when raids took HOURS of sitting around and waiting, because you had to coordinate FORTY people, most of whom could barely play.  You didn’t do it if you didn’t want the loot.

Anyway, this is all a preamble to say:  More people should buy my stories and books.  See, I think that’s a perfectly reasonable, relatable way to feel, and I bet A LOT of the people who see this tweet will feel the same way.  Basically, I hope the boss drops loot for me.

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